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5 great activities your kids can enjoy for a healthy and fun summer!

Summer is almost here! The number one activity on our calendars will probably be picnics, cook-outs and barbecues throughout the summer holidays and weekends.

Let’s not forget all of the hard work that we have put in thus far towards keeping our family on a healthy routine – there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer heat without diverting from your healthy journey.

Here are 5 great activities your kids can enjoy this summer while making sure they get some exercise too!

  1. 1. Play outside: American children spend an average of 30 minutes of unstructured time outdoors each week, according to recent studies. Give your child the gift of unstructured play time to discover, create, and imagine while outside in nature.
  2. 2. Grow a garden: Tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, and sunflowers are good plants for you and your child to start with. You’ll learn in your first year and can expand upon your knowledge the next year. Keep a garden notebook to record your successes and challenges, as well as pictures of your farmers and crop.
  3. 3. Take a hike: Hiking is great exercise and a fun way to spend family time. Look online or ask around for local trails. Fill a backpack with snacks and water and set off for an easy outdoor adventure.
  4. 4. Go berry picking: There is nothing like picking your own berries on a warm, sunny day. Look for local farms with pick-your-own opportunities. Or look for wild areas with berries ripe for the picking — for free. Be sure all berry pickers are wearing hats and shoes (not flip-flops). Or if you have space in your yard — it doesn’t take much — plant and grow your own berry bushes.
  5. 5. Have fun in the water: Who doesn’t love fun water activities when it’s hot outdoors? It’s a great way to get some exercise while keeping cool from the heat. Go ahead, head out to the pool, have a water fight or turn the sprinkler on for the kids. Swimming is always a great fitness choice during the summer.

Make sure your kids drink as much water as they can to help replace the fluids lost in perspiration. Children need to drink at least six 8-ounce cups of water per day. Add another 8 ounces for every half hour of strenuous activity. (Source:

Also, don’t neglect your fruits and vegetables! Veggie kebabs can be tasty can easily be grilled alongside some meats. Fruit is not only delicious; most of it has a very high content of water. Eating fruits like watermelon, peaches and most “juicy” fruits will provide you with much-needed hydration.

And don’t forget that if you’re having a hard time getting your kids to eat their vegetables during the barbecue season, our Kidfresh meals for kids can help!

Have fun!


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