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Each of us has worn a suit in a formal office, but we all had a light bulb moment when we realized that we wanted to do something more meaningful with our lives. We feel extremely lucky to be living our passion for children and healthy foods every day and to be able to share it with you.

Gilles Deloux

Everyone has got a story. Gilles Deloux came to New York to tell his, a novel about America in the 1960s, and wound up jumping into the fray at one of New York’s most enchanting new ventures.

After graduating from the prestigious international business school, HEC, he began working in the field of market research, first interning at Group Dannon and later working at L’Oreal in London. At the age of 25, he went on to work for Lu Biscuits (makers of the popular Petit Beurre) where for eight years he experienced first-hand a variety of responsibilities from revitalizing signature brands like the Little Schoolboy Cookies to creating and growing new snack lines.

Deloux oversaw the successful launch of Taillefine, a wellness-oriented line of snacks aimed at the educated European customer. He developed a line of smartly portioned recipes with a team of pastry chefs, emphasizing fiber, vitamins and a moderate fat content. The new line broke record sales and was awarded best innovation by Group Dannon’s Shareholders.

In 2000, Deloux moved on, relocating to New York to work on creating his novel. While researching the book, he joined a small firm called Overseas Food Trading Co. which partners with high-end grocers to source European food products. As a VP of Business Development he was exposed to growing trends in the American marketplace and introduced to the unique qualities of working for a fast-growing, small food business.

In 2003, Deloux decided it was time to switch gears. He had begun talks with longtime friend Matt Cohen about developing a new business when together they began to cultivate the seeds of what would become Kidfresh – a unique opportunity for Deloux to combine a lifelong personal passion for food and cooking with his strong desire to create a meaningful business.

As a co-founder of the nascent company, Deloux has tapped his more than 12 years of experience to help position Kidfresh as a convenient, affordable lifestyle solution for urban parents. He has orchestrated recipe development, working closely with a team of chefs and nutritionists. Together they cooked up a quality line of children’s meals tailor-made to suit the needs of specific age groups. “The ideas and projects we commit ourselves to are not coincidental,” he says. “We’re all looking upon Kidfresh as a major event in our lives.”

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