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Each of us has worn a suit in a formal office, but we all had a light bulb moment when we realized that we wanted to do something more meaningful with our lives. We feel extremely lucky to be living our passion for children and healthy foods every day and to be able to share it with you.

Mike Oconnell, Head of East Coast Sales for Kidfresh

Mike O’Connell

When Hurricane Carol struck Newport, RI in 1954 Mike and his Mom and Dad were evacuated to the safest structure in town, the neighborhood supermarket.

That experience would prove to be an omen as the supermarket would become the centerpiece of Mike’s career and business passion. As a schoolboy when Mike was ready for his first job where did he go? Of course, the supermarket. During high school and college the supermarket would not be merely a job but a training field for a career in the food industry.

After college Mike was recruited by a major New England Food Broker and he accepted a sales position, where else, in the supermarkets selling and merchandising leading national brand food products. Later given the chance to focus on a specific area of sales Mike chose Frozen Food. Mike’s company, Morris Alper & Sons, was the leading frozen food brokerage company in the country. At Morris Alper Mike would have the opportunity to manage and sell frozen products from some of the biggest and most successful companies in the industry including Heinz, Pillsbury, Campbell’s, Kraft and Quaker. Mike’s frozen food brand management experience includes Ore Ida, Green Giant, Eggo, Mrs. Smith’s, Rich’s, Welch’s, Van de Kamp’s, Budget Gourmet,

Hot Pockets and many more. After positions as frozen brand manager and frozen customer manager Mike was promoted to Director of Frozen Foods where he and his team would win two consecutive National Golden Penguin awards from the National Frozen Food Association as the outstanding frozen food sales organization in the country.

Mike moved from New England to the New York area when Morris Alper acquired M&H Sales & Marketing. At M&H Mike was Vice President of Frozen Foods leading a team of brand managers and customer managers. Later Mike would become Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for all company sales divisions and Managing Partner/Owner of the firm.

When Mike met Matt Cohen and Gilles Deloux, the co-founders of Kidfresh, he was immediately convinced that Kidfresh was one of the most exciting and important new frozen brands to come along in years. “I’m thrilled to join the Kidfresh team and to help build this fabulous new brand. Rarely does a new product have such a compelling story and is so much fun to sell.”

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