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Each of us has worn a suit in a formal office, but we all had a light bulb moment when we realized that we wanted to do something more meaningful with our lives. We feel extremely lucky to be living our passion for children and healthy foods every day and to be able to share it with you.

Pam Kirkbride

Pam Kirkbride

Pam was born in the Philippines where fresh ingredients were plentiful for every meal – lots of fresh meat, vegetables and fruits like string beans, tomatoes, mangoes and bananas were colorful side dishes. After moving to New Jersey as a young girl, and with parents who worked full-time jobs, she learned to love the typical American foods like pizza, classic T.V. dinners and the school cafeteria food. Her palate was not discriminating back-in-the-day.

Now as a mom to two girls, she leans towards giving her girls healthy meals made of all-natural, fresh ingredients. But sometimes, there’s just not enough time to make a 100% homemade meal (like her mom still does!) and is so glad that Kidfresh is around to help out during those stressful times when the kids are asking, “What’s for dinner?!”

As a prior marketing executive in the fashion industry, she is excited to market a product that focuses on making other children healthy through healthy food choices. Being healthy is fashionable!

Pam holds a Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing from New York University and Bachelors of Science in Marketing and International Trade from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

In her spare time, she writes on her personal blog Triple Threat Mommy ; adds pictures of her kids on Instagram and pins pictures of her dream kitchen pantry on her Pinterest boards.

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