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Each of us has worn a suit in a formal office, but we all had a light bulb moment when we realized that we wanted to do something more meaningful with our lives. We feel extremely lucky to be living our passion for children and healthy foods every day and to be able to share it with you.

Matt Cohen

The ancient Greek physicist Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting ‘eureka’ (“I’ve found it”) to celebrate his discovery of the buoyancy theory; a sentiment, if not a reaction, shared by a fully-clothed Mathias Cohen when he happened across his own great idea.

“As we were often struggling at dawn packing our two children’s lunchboxes, we realized that there was something to-be done to offer “better-for you” and convenient kids meals” says Matt. Upset by the options available to his children (the white bread, potato chip, juice box trifecta) Matt envisioned a line of better-for-you and tasty kids meals to-go made with the same quality ingredients enjoyed by parents – but for children; in the space of a single morning, the idea of Kidfresh was born.

Educated at the prestigious European business school, Edhec, Matt first made his mark as president of a leading guidebook in northern France. At the age of 25 he went to London to manage seven outposts of the French clothing outfitter, Rodier. He then moved to New York and joined Accenture a top management consulting organization that afforded him diverse professional opportunities. In 2000, after eight years at Accenture, Matt joined, an internet startup that used in-store and 3-D scan technology to help customers find garments that would fit them. When the internet bubble burst, he returned to consulting, this time as Chief Operating Officer of Stromberg Consulting. Under Matt’s tenure, Stromberg was turned around, sold to Omnicom Group and ultimately integrated with Ketchum Communications.

Confident that he’d cleared enough hurdles to usher him, smiling, through the rest of his years, Matt left the corporate world to kick back with his family and strike out on his own. “I’d always been interested in consumer products,” he says. “I was looking to develop a concept that would really connect to people’s lives.” Already working closely with longtime friend and former Danone executive Gilles Deloux, Matt assembled, the Kidfresh team and began to fine-tune the concept, creating a whole line of fun and better-for-you food products that would appeal to children and a lifestyle brand and retail experience that parents feel good about.

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