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Because most children don’t eat enough vegetables, each of our fresh frozen meals are full of hidden veggies that have been puréed and snuck in. Shhh…don’t tell the kids!

Introducing our NEW

All natural • Made with pureed vegetables inside • 11g whole grain breading per serving • Chicken humanely raised without antibiotics • 40% less sodium and 73% less fat than the leading brand

Frozen Goodness

Freezing is actually one of the best ways to preserve nutrients and flavors while extending shelf life. That’s why all our meals are frozen immediately after being cooked, so that they keep all the good stuff for a long time.

The Goodness of Vegetables!

Kids don’t eat enough veggies and that’s a problem because they naturally provide an amazing amount and variety of key nutrients, vitamins and fiber that are essential to growth. That’s why all Kidfresh meals are prepared with hidden veggies, providing up to 33% of a child’s daily needs.

Our Promise to You:

100% Natural Goodness!

Nothing artificial. Zero, nada, rien, niente… We use 100% natural ingredients, and only the ones needed for great taste and nutrition, naturally rich in key nutrients.

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