5 Healthier (Tasty!) Ways to Make Kid-Favorite Dinners

5 Healthier (Tasty!) Ways to Make Kid-Favorite Dinners

You might think that if you introduce your kids to sweet potatoes and avocados from the get-go, they’ll be programmed to only ask for veggies.

Wouldn’t that make everything easy?! The truth is, no matter what you feed them, they’re going to develop a taste for classic kid-favorite dishes—many of which are nutrient-poor calorie bombs—at some point.

Which could mean tantrums when you tell them you won’t let them eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets every night like their friend’s cool mom and tears over being served fresh salmon instead of fish sticks.

This is why I love Kidfresh dinners so much. They allow you to occasionally satisfy your kids’ cravings for those kinds of meals while also providing lots of vegetables and no artificial flavors or ingredients. Not to mention the fact that they’re ready in four minutes. When was the last time you got a healthy meal on the table that fast?

Here are a few of my favorite Kidfresh dinners to consider keeping on hand for busy nights when the little ones are clamoring for pizza.

5 Healthier Kid-Favorite Dinners

  1. Chicken Nuggets

The Super Duper Chicken Nuggets are made with whole grain breading and hidden antioxidant-rich cauliflower and onions. They provide 12g of protein and 10g of whole grains.

  1. Mac ‘N Cheese

Not only is Kidfresh’s Wagon Wheels Mac ‘N Cheese made with real grated cheddar, it’s also hiding pureed carrots and packs in 12g of protein.

  1. Pizza

Tomato sauce is already super healthy, but the sauce on Mamma Mia Cheesy Pizza also comes with vitamin-packed pureed carrots and spinach. This one is especially nutrient-dense thanks to the extra veggies, whole grain crust, and protein-rich mozzarella.

  1. Fish Sticks

No mystery fish, here. Kidfresh uses whole wild-caught Alaskan pollock in its Fun-Tastic Fish Sticks and uses chickpea flour in the breading (brilliant!). All of the omega-3s will power up your kids’ brains for school the next day.

  1. Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
SpahghettiOs get an upgrade with Spaghetti Loops and Pasta ‘N Meat Sauce, which adds pureed sweet potatoes and carrots to its sauce.