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We get it: we all have our favorite foods (we’d eat ‘em every day if we could). As parents who believe our families deserve the best, we created a version of kid classics that are as mouth-watering good as they are good for us all. How? By choosing the best ingredients for every recipe. Now that’s what you call real mealtime goodness.
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Our journey to tasty and wholesome food!


Kidfresh started as a retail storefront in NYC serving freshly prepared, wholesome meals for kids.



We expanded by taking our top selling meals and launched our line of frozen meals with top retailers.



Based on the success of our line, we grew into new products and categories.



Kidfresh Totally Rockin’ Tots awarded Parents Magazine 25 Best Frozen Foods.



Kidfresh frozen meals distribution expanded to 10,000 stores nationwide



Kidfresh launches into breakfast category with new better-for-you waffles


Meet our Team

Matt Cohen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The ancient Greek physicist Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting ‘eureka’ (“I’ve found it”) to celebrate his discovery of the buoyancy theory; a sentiment, if not a reaction, shared by a fully-clothed Mathias Cohen when he happened across his own great idea.

“As we were often struggling at dawn packing our children’s lunchboxes, we realized that there was something good to-be done to offer “better-for you” and convenient kids meals” says Matt. Upset by the limited options available to his children (the white bread, potato chip, juice box trifecta) Matt envisioned a line of better-for-you and tasty kids meals to-go, made with the same quality ingredients enjoyed by parents – but for children; in the space of a single morning, the idea of Kidfresh was born.

Educated at the prestigious European business school, Edhec, Matt first made his mark as president of a leading guidebook in northern France. At the age of 25 he went to London to manage seven outposts of the French clothing outfitter, Rodier. He then moved to New York and joined Accenture a top management consulting organization that afforded him diverse professional opportunities. In 2000, after eight years at Accenture, Matt joined EZSize.com, an internet startup that used in-store and 3-D scan technology to help customers find garments that would fit them. When the internet bubble burst, he returned to consulting, this time as Chief Operating Officer of Stromberg Consulting. Under Matt’s tenure, Stromberg was turned around, sold to Omnicom Group and ultimately integrated with Ketchum Communications.

Confident that he’d cleared enough hurdles to usher him, smiling, through the rest of his years, Matt left the corporate world to kick back with his family and strike out on his own. “I’ve always been interested in how brand connect with consumers,” he says. “I was looking to develop a concept that would really connect to people’s lives.” Already working closely with longtime friend and former Danone executive Gilles Deloux, Matt assembled, the Kidfresh team and began to fine-tune the concept, creating a whole line of better-for-you food products that would appeal to children and a lifestyle brand and retail experience that parents feel good about.

Gilles Deloux

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Everyone has got a story. Gilles Deloux came to New York to tell his, a novel about America in the 1960s, and wound up jumping into the fray at one of New York’s most enchanting new ventures.

After graduating from the prestigious international business school, HEC, he began working in the field of market research, first interning at Group Dannon and later working at L’Oreal in London. At the age of 25, he went on to work for Lu Biscuits (makers of the popular Petit Beurre) where for eight years he experienced first-hand a variety of responsibilities from revitalizing signature brands like the Little Schoolboy Cookies to creating and growing new snack lines.

Deloux oversaw the successful launch of Taillefine, a wellness-oriented line of snacks aimed at the educated European customer. He developed a line of smartly portioned recipes with a team of pastry chefs, emphasizing fiber, vitamins and a moderate fat content. The new line broke record sales and was awarded best innovation by Group Dannon’s Shareholders.

In 2000, Deloux moved on, relocating to New York to work on creating his novel. While researching the book, he joined a small firm called Overseas Food Trading Co. which partners with high-end grocers to source European food products. As a VP of Business Development he was exposed to growing trends in the American marketplace and introduced to the unique qualities of working for a fast-growing, small food business.

In 2003, Deloux decided it was time to switch gears. He had begun talks with longtime friend Matt Cohen about developing a new business when together they began to cultivate the seeds of what would become Kidfresh – a unique opportunity for Deloux to combine a lifelong personal passion for food and cooking with his strong desire to create a meaningful business.

As a co-founder of the nascent company, Deloux has tapped his more than 12 years of experience to help position Kidfresh as a convenient, affordable lifestyle solution for urban parents. He has orchestrated recipe development, working closely with a team of chefs and nutritionists. Together they cooked up a quality line of children’s meals tailor-made to suit the needs of specific age groups. “The ideas and projects we commit ourselves to are not coincidental,” he says. “We’re all looking upon Kidfresh as a major event in our lives.”

Angi Scott

Director of Finance

When Angi was young, a family tradition was to discuss what was going to be prepared for the next meal. Good food was that important. Meals were always healthy and balanced with lots of vegetables. When Angi became a Mom herself, she maintained the high standards set by her Mom, however, it would have been a whole lot easier if Kidfresh was around when her kids were young.

Angi joined Kidresh as the Director of Finance and has been with the organization since the Fall of 2010. During that time she has watched the company grow exponentially. Before coming to Kidfresh, Angi was the Director of Finance for Children for Children Foundation, a non-profit child-focused service organization. Her experience prior to that included owning and operating an information technology consulting firm for over 10 years.

Anthony Vetell

Head of Finance

Anthony grew up in NYC with three brothers and both parents working full-time. If only Kidfresh were around when Anthony and his brothers were growing up, Momma Vetell would have been a loyal customer as she constantly sought out nutritional meals that could feed a small army of children quickly.

The birth of a child is often described as life-altering by many and this held true for Anthony, as well. Becoming a parent instilled a natural curiosity about the nutritional value of popular children’s foods, which led Anthony to leave his career on Wall Street and become more involved in companies that focused on nutritional snacking and meals. Anthony has worked on brands such as Pirates Booty and siggi’s dairy. Having a son who stays away from anything with vegetables, Anthony has been a fan an avid consumer of Kidfresh for sometime now.

Dante Cotton

Accounting Champion

Always having been passionate about food and cooking, Dante tries, on the daily basis, to provide his two boys with healthy products. At home, cooking is his role, and when he’s not able to be in charge, he always tries to find healthy alternatives. Being the youngest of 10 brothers, he knows how to take care of a family and is very present for his two sons — either riding a bike with them or trying to follow their physical fitness plan. Dante only rests when cooking or reading. He discovered Kidfresh by purchasing them for his boys. He never imagined being a part of the accounting team at Kidfresh!

Jason Adams

Director of Sales -Eastern US

Jason’s passion for food and retail started at a young age when he would walk grocery stores with his father, an industry veteran with over 40 years as a CPG consultant and Director of Sales training. After graduating college, Jason started in IT but quickly migrated over to sales positions where he thrived and began representing brands including: Quaker, Gatorade, Tropicana, Naked Juice, Annie’s Organics and Sweet Earth Natural Foods.

Jason comes from a long line of picky eaters and his two boys were no different. Several years ago, when his kids were younger, Jason discovered Kidfresh in his search for healthy frozen foods that his kids would eat! Jason and his Atlanta-based family continually strive to eat natural or organic, better for you foods with simple ingredients and transparent labels.

Ka-On Lee

Supply Chain & Planning Champion

Home cooking was a staple growing up in a traditional Chinese household. Even after a long day at work, Ka-On’s parents always managed to whip up a home-cooked meal which helped her understand the importance of eating healthy. After graduating from Pace University with a management science degree and a math minor, she focused her career in finance. But it wasn’t until she found Kidfresh that she realized supply chain was her passion. During her spare time, she likes to relax with her loved ones, family and friends. Never too far from the kitchen, she loves either cooking or eating Mighty Meaty Chicken Meatballs.

Kevin Chen

Supply Chain Analyst & Demand Planner

Growing up in the city that never sleeps, finding time to sit down and having a nice, healthy meal can be harder than it sounds. Whether it was commuting for school, tutoring, volunteering, or work, fast food and snacks were only things that were convenient enough to fit into his packed lifestyle. Unaware of other options he never felt the need to change his perception until he discovered Kidfresh and instantly felt a connection with its vision.

Kevin majored in Accounting at Baruch College where he earned his bachelor’s degree but always had an interest in supply chain.

Kimberly Porteous

Head of Sales West - Grocery & Natural

Kim was born in Canada but raised on the East Coast. After graduating from the Montclair State University, she chose the sun of Northern California over the New York skyline. She enriched her professional experience through diverse companies and began to focus on frozen food and ice creams (yummy) before joining Kidfresh (even more yummy!).

Little anecdote: Kim is a great adventurer and when she is not spreading the word about Kidfresh, she must be somewhere riding a horse or seeking new places to experience at home and around the world.

Sasha Auguste

Chief Kidfresh Mom & Head of Marketing

Food has always been a cornerstone in Sasha’s life. She grew up with Serbian parents where dinnertime was an important ritual. Her mom would come home from a long day of work, and always make a home cooked meal for the family to enjoy while everyone discussed their day. This daily ritual became an important part of her life and now, as a mom herself, she tries to her emphasize that at dinnertime with her own two kids and husband. Sasha started her marketing career at General Mills in Minneapolis, working on kid focused brands like Cheerios and Toaster Strudel. She moved back to the East coast to work at Pepperidge Farm, focused on frozen and cookies. She discovered Kidfresh trying to accommodate her own picky eater, in an effort to bring back fun and laughs to dinnertime while still feeling good about what she was feeding her daughter. Today she is Chief Kidfresh Mom at work and at home.

Fun fact: Baking is Sasha’s passion. If you happen into her house during a birthday you will most certainly find a surprising and creative cake design!

Steve Cole

Head of National Sales

Very athletic and avid traveler, Steve grew up in a small town of central PA learning an incredible work ethic. He realized his vocation for sales between his sophomore and junior years in college. During this time, he had the wild experience of selling Webster’s student dictionaries door-to-door in Arkansas, and was able to sell a set to coach Lou Holtz’s family. He is a golf AND Pittsburgh Steeler fan (Who said it was contradictory?). A week after graduating, he started with Pillsbury Company to which he remained faithful for 14 years. After having been with a variety of companies that included moves to 8 states and 10 cities, he is now proudly, the Head of National Sales at Kidfresh. But beyond all of it, he is most proud of being the father of two great daughters that both graduated from Colorado States University, and is proud to marry off his youngest daughter this coming summer.

Additional tidbits: Steve has pretty much called on every retailer in most all channels across the country. He also loves to cook for his family and friends, enjoys good wine and an occasional good cigar.

Veronica Sigcha

Product & Sales Champion

Eating and living a healthy lifestyle can often take a life of its own in this crazy world we live in! As a college student, Veronica struggled to live healthy. Most of her time went to standing on long lunchroom lines simply to get food – any kind of food, so eating healthy wasn’t as easy as she hoped.

Coming from a Latino household, fresh food and nutritious ingredients were always a part of her meals – and boy are they delicious! Now a part of the Kidfresh team, Veronica is happy to have found a place that embraces the her lifestyle that she always longed for.

Nowadays, you can often find her snacking on the Muy Cheesy Quesadillas while on the go, and saying Kidfresh complements the 3 B’s she lives by – Bueno, Bonito y Barato (Good, Beautiful and Great Value!)

Veronica studied Marketing Management at Pace University and graduated top of her class.