How to Make Your Kid’s Breakfast Healthier

Okay, that whole “most important meal of the day” thing might not have much validity. But breakfast is still super important when it comes to being a healthy eater.

For kids, it’s even more essential. You’re waking them up early to get to school, and their developing bodies and brains need serious nutrients in order to power up and help them grow and learn.

The bad news: Most traditional breakfast foods kids love are practically devoid of important nutrients and are instead filled with sugar. That means you’ll be setting them up for a crash (which may come in the middle of science class).

Here’s my go-to strategy to make your kids’ breakfasts as healthy as possible.

Cut the sugar!

Most cereals and mainstream yogurts have more sugar than anything else. Drop them, or look for better alternatives, like healthier granolas and Greek yogurt (topped with berries and peanut butter for total kid approval!).

Focus on protein and fiber.

An all-star breakfast is a mix of protein and fiber-rich foods. Think eggs and whole grain toast (topped with avocado?). This is also why I love Kidfresh’s Egg ‘N Cheese Poppin’ Pretzel Bites, which are made with egg and cheese for protein and whole wheat for fiber. (Bonus: there’s pureed carrots hidden inside for vitamins!)